Q&A: Mixed data? Assist me please :(?


‘m thus inside love with my classmate. On Tuesday you went snowboarding with school, plus it appeared which you were together. We are both novices plus you had the same teacher. However whenever she was going down the hill she fractured her wrist plus I helped her to take snowboard off, receive her inside plus receive her stuff from the locker. On the method back house, she gave a some actually cute looks plus smiled. I looked away -.- Was it simply because I helped her? On wednesday (upcoming day), she came to school plus gave me a limited looks again, I smiled plus looked at her. I have 2 bracelets about my appropriate hand, the silicone 1 along with a metal 1. She was playing with a silicone 1 for 5-10 seconds… I have a feeling which she is offering me a some sort of signal… Next she was like “Omg my shoulder, arm, plus back hurts sooo much” plus I said: “Let me provide we a massage” I was doing it for 30-40 mins plus she mentioned “I feel like my headache goes away plus im thus relaxed… He is incredible at offering massage.”
The worst thing is the fact that she broke up wit her boyfriend 6-7 days ago, plus she mentioned which they are going about date about friday, 1 guy asked her when they are getting back together she mentioned perhaps. That killed me inside. However whenever she relates several points to him, she claims “My ex-boyfriend.” What the heck does it signify?! How are they going about date plus she states “ex-boyfriend” :(
So may we please provide a boost of self-confidence? And what’s how to ask her out? Oh and I’m 16 plus she is 15.
Thank we thus much for reading this :)

Answer by Albert
Hmmm, I’d choose it. Usually, her attitude sounds like trouble (with all the ex boyfriend part) yet I think she could have mentioned which inside front of we to receive we to ask her out. Go for it. Ask her out to lunch or the films or anything. Let her recognize you may be interested.

Answer by shinto_inari
Ok look guy, she is afraid, plus doesn’t recognize what to do. She appears to be tired of her ex plus would like to move forward but she doesn’t learn how to speak to we, today which we 2 had a connection she is struggling to pull together however, by delivering up the Ex she would like to create we feel intermediated plus receive we to jump plus ask her out, So simply ask her when there is a chance we 2 can be more then neighbors (tell her we wish a slow relationship) And only have fun don’t rush items reach understand 1 another, plus most crucial be there for her plus speak speak speak!

Answer by tykia
Look honey, don’t be thus pushed for a girl that’s not pushed for we. If she wants we she usually try to receive factors directly along with her exboyfriend plus state hey look I’m not which into we I’ve met somebody plus I’m possibly thinking regarding dating him. She might try placing their diffrences apart plus struggling being with a remarkable man like we which knows what he wants… Everything is fine … I’ve had moments like this whenever I was a age plus elements have turned out severely.. Nexus I didn’t recognize what I sought … Or didn’t recognize how to handle details correctly… My guidance to u is which I could tell u are a rather sweet individual with a big heart when u consider the outlook of what’s going about striving doing aspects the correct way… Give her room plus time to consider regarding what she wants And regard her … It may be upsetting however, provide her time to consider regarding what she would like to do… Don’t tell her u love her simply tell her how much u been feeling her and just how much u are thinking regarding dating her… If she denys everything u may be a small hurt nevertheless ur gonna need to move forward plus u would really fond somebody twice because better… Don’t let the protect down constantly be simple plus keep a protect up don’t be thus quickly to place everything found on the table create her wish we don’t chase following no female…because she may become the 1 to break a heart simply because conveniently because she broke her ex boyfriend… Be careful whom u state u love or may be inside love with.. Be sure she is right first… But good luck plus goodnight… Take care

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  1. ok heres the deal. I went out with my ex-boyfriend for 9 months and have never felt so close to anyone in my whole life. we had a connection and like all the same things. our biggest year at school was coming up and because we live in different towns we decided to break it up because it would be to hard 2 juggle everything. we have spoken everyday though until 2 days ago. i met up with him this summer and he said he was seeing a girl at his school. he kissed me and told me he loved me and when we got the train home before taking different buses to our respective towns we cried together. now i have jus found out that him and this other girl are official. it broke my heart so a got rid of everything that reminds me of him. what are your thoughts on the situation. dyu think he has been bullshittin me?

  2. I’m a 15 year old girl, and one of my friends said that my ex boyfriend told him that he has another girlfriend. I don’t know why I’m upset because I was the one who dumped him 1 month ago. Is this normal and what should I do?

  3. I think I still have feelings for my ex boyfriend but I’m in a new relationship. I love my current boyfriend sooo much so I’m stuck on what to do. I don’t want to hurt my boyfriend because he means the world to me and I know how much he hates my ex (even though they’ve never met). I’ve been talking to my ex for the first time in a few months. Do I say anything to him? Any advice?

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